Unique Electronic Gadgets 2017

Each year, there have been so many new startups emerging, and with that there has been many gadgets coming into existence as well. There have been too many gadgets that have been gaining all the popularity. There are drones, there are these interesting 3D printers, and then there are the AR or VR headsets.

Here is a list of interesting and unique electronic gadgets that you will be happy to learn about not just because they are new, but they are interesting as well.


1. E-Hang 184: This one is a drone that is human sized, which is built by the Chinese UAV firm E Hang. It is actually a drone that is autonomous and can carry a single person for twenty minutes at a speed of close to 50-60 miles/hour. There is also an interesting feature here – it has gull wing doors as well as arms, which fold upwards.

2. Tango Phone: Recently the popular company, Lenovo had made an announcement that it will be coming up with a Tango phone, which happens to be a Google project. Since it is Lenovo, which is going to make the gadget, this will be priced under $500 dollars for sure. The firm does not have any design as yet; however, it is likely to be out in a couple of days.

3. Garmin Varia Vision: This is actually an augmented reality display, which you can mount on the sunglass. This is not just to show how well you look, but it will give you alerts on a timely basis about the traffic and directions. This device will cost you around $400-450 and it will be certainly a gadget that cyclists will just love.

4. Parrot Disco Drone: This drone was recently unveiled. It is just less than seven hundred grams and the best thing is it can actually fly up in the air for close to 40–45 minutes and it can touch a speed of close to 50 miles/ hour. There is a 1080p and a 14-megapixel camera in the front of the drone.

5. Daqri Smart Helmet: It is an industrial device, which displays some critical information to the person who wears it. This also doubles up as a hard hat and also a safety goggle, which thereby makes it perfect for anybody who is in the heavy machinery industry or those who are into technical jobs.

6. Nima: This is gadget that is priced at $250, and it will be able to test the food and find out if there is any gluten present in it. It can be done in just a matter of two minutes with the help of anti-body test. This is something every individual must have. There are so many people who are allergic to gluten, and this holds good for them.

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